Lightning in a Bottle

While I was in treatment, I often turned to writing. It can be a confidante, a release, a way of capturing that “lighting in a bottle” emotion that can envelope you as you sit and reflect on your path. The poem below was composed on a trip I took to Tahoe right after I completed some treatment- I remember being so tired, all puffy-faced with the drugs, and not wanting to be photographed looking that way.  During a morning walk along the shore, I was overcome with the healing beauty of the natural world and this poem is the result. I felt at the time that the Lake was really reaching out to my weakened-self, speaking to my heart. I am glad I wrote it down and happy to share it with you as small sample of what expressive writing can do, and the healing power of being out in nature~

Tahoe Dreams

Mercurial, magical Lake Tahoe
Dazzling with sun and starlight,
History flavors the magnificent scenery
And steals our breath~

Outlined on the shore,
Faint footsteps of those that came before,
The glassy water glimmers,
Bathed in a predawn peach glow~

Brilliant blue vistas and green velvet groves of dreams,
Scented sweetly with pine, fir, manzanita and granite
Wild lilac and yellow mule’s ears punctuate
Mother Nature’s perfect landscape

A celebration of the vast, outdoors and all its promise-
The air a tonic so refreshing, it invigorates your mind
With alpine exuberance and
Crisp, mountain clarity of vision~

Lisa Morgan
June 2009


photo credit: fiddle oak via photopin cc

Lisa Morgan About Lisa Morgan

Lisa loves the written word. The shock of a cancer diagnosis in early 2008 sent her back to writing for self expression, providing a way to deal with the emotions she experienced through the treatment and recovery process. Using her liberal arts degree and involvement with the AWA method of writing, she now conducts expressive writing groups for Wellness Within participants.

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