2013 Open House Appreciation

Thank you to all of those who donated their time and talents to our 2013 Open House.  We bless you and yours for helping to make the evening fun and full of life!

Musiciansmusic at Openhse

Kathryn Shields
Mary Ann Smith
Linda Franklin
JeanAnn Walth
Dave Judd
Placer County Youth Orchestra


Barbara Swenson
Rene Walder
Diane Giuliani
Margie McCavitt
Susan Whitaker


Tom Lumbrazo
Bridgett Duffy
Angela Ridgway
Louis Buchetto
Susan Whitaker
Courtney Tice
Annina Hanlon
Kalene Gorospe
Noelia Campbell
Robyn Woodall
Pyxie Studios
Paula Peach
Neil Williams
Joan Gunton
Sharon Cox

Special thanks to Jaymie Smith for photographing the event, and Eleanor Gorospe for donating and putting up decorations.

To view pictures from the event, visit us on Facebook!

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