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We need your help spreading the word on Big Day of Giving! This day of fundraising is crucial to sustaining our programs. Please use this template (or some version of it, feel free to edit) to invite your friends and family to donate. And if you’re on Facebook, like and share our posts to help spread the word. Thank you for the support! Email if you have any questions.


Dear ________ (friends, family, etc… whomever you want to address), 

As you many of you may know, I attend (optional: say which classes ______) classes at Wellness Within, a nonprofit whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of patients, survivors, caregivers, and families affected by cancer by providing support services and education. (I am passionate about this organization /  this organization means so much to me) because ___________ . They are participating in the Big Day of Giving and need our help.

The Big Day of Giving is a day of fundraising in Sacramento during which hundreds of local nonprofits raise money for 24 hours. Last year Sacramento made history, raising $7.1M as a region and engaging tens of thousands of donors. Thanks to the generous support of the community, Wellness Within raised over $35,000 to fund its programing. And they want to do it again! Please join me in supporting the 2017 campaign and help them reach $40,000. The impact of your donation will go even further on the Big Day as it will help them win additional dollars in prize challenges AND have the opportunity to be randomly “boosted” by the Community Foundation (meaning they will add money to your donation).

How can you give? On May 4th visit between 12:00AM and 11:59PM and make a tax-deductible gift. Wellness Within requests that, if possible, you make your donation between 10:00 AM and 10:59 AM to help win one of the prize challenges (in 2015 they won $1k for having the most donors in the 10 AM hour).

Just $25 makes a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity, and for helping me support a place that (has supported me / means so much to me / was there for me when ___).

With Gratitude,

Your Name

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