About Us

Wellness Within is a nonprofit wellness center for patients, survivors, caregivers, and families affected by the trauma, stress and anxiety brought on by cancer. Located in downtown Roseville, our center offers a warm and inviting space to let go and learn how to manage your stressors.

We provide a wide range of free services that enhance an individual’s ability to experience quality of life through practices that incorporate physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Our main programs include classes in the following areas:

Expressive Arts

Healing Movement

Meditation & Mindfulness



Guest Speakers

Looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you!


Our Story

patti in flowers

Wellness Within was opened with a firestorm raging in our hearts and a greater understanding of what it takes to support someone you love fighting cancer.

In 2009 the call many of you may have given or received occurred. I’ll always remember. It was your typical day, multi-tasking, checking off the list, forgetting to breathe — you know, just “living.” I breathlessly answered the call, “Hey I’m heading out the door; I only have a few minutes, what’s up?”

“Patti, I have cancer.”

That word just hung there…cancer?!

You know that moment when you’ve had-it-up-to-here with whatever issue keeps presenting itself in your life? It was happening. I had witnessed too many people I care about inflicted with this heartbreaking disease. Now, with my dear friend of 40 years facing the diagnosis, I was ready to take action.

Many of you who have survived this dreadful ordeal know “it” doesn’t end when your treatment stops. A residual ensues for many months, even years after treatment. “Life altering” can be an understatement during and after treatment. Cancer invades, turns lives upside down, raises all kinds of havoc and the financial burdens can be devastating. Although great strides have been made in finding more effective treatments in SOME cancers, its wrath is relentless, causing much disruption in the lives of our loved ones.

It was time. Thus, Wellness Within was born.

Here at Wellness Within we won’t find a cure or raise money to find a cure; rather, we are in the trenches with people as they navigate all the assaults on their mind, body and spirit. We wrap our hearts, expertise, support and love around each client who steps through our doors. We understand the larger impact of what having a cancer diagnosis means for each individual. We know the whole person is affected, thus, our mission is to offer tools that speak to the needs of each individual, to restore healing and instill hope.

We are grateful for all those who have stood with us, believe in the importance of our work and continue to be generous with their donations and time. Thank you from the heart.

Patti Brown, Founder & Executive Director