Allie Northern

About Allie Northern

Allie is a past participant of the Mind Body Group Skills class at Wellness Within, having thrived through thyroid cancer. She currently lights up the lives of others as a Marriage Family Therapist.

Healing Cycles

A familiar cycle has appeared in my life since cancer: weeks come where life is exciting, body feels energetic and the future looks so sweet. I’m so happy in these times and can see all the gifts that cancer has brought to my life; new outlook on life, new friends and a deep respect for […]

What a wonderful world

Ever since I was a little girl I longed for the world to be just like Louis Armstrong’s lyrics, seeing the colors of the world so vividly, watching the smiling faces of those passing by, seeing love all around and feeling the pure joy of what a wonderful world we live in. To the contrary […]

Wisdom Givers

A year ago today as I took a walk on the morning of my 26th birthday, thoughts raced through my mind worried about what the future had in store. One surgery done, radiation still flowing in my veins, my body and spirit feeling broken. This birthday was different than any other, not only within myself, […]

Living a Life of Truth

Guest post by Allie Northern When I first heard about mind body medicine, I was eager to partake in the classes. Each week we would learn new mindfulness techniques to bring us back into our bodies and out of the racing thoughts and anxious feelings that had consumed many of us. Meditation, guided imagery, writing, […]