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When she's not playing her role as Program Director or Nutrition and Wellness Educator at Wellness Within, Brook shares her expertise as a Certified Holistic Health Coach on her website Sweet-Shine. Having worked in the health field for over 20 years, she loves supporting others in making simple changes to their diets and lifestyles so that they may experience greater joy and health, and spread it to others!

Movement as Medicine

“…expressive movement nurtures our bodies, fosters intuitive thinking and enlivens our spirit. It is the optimal prescription for health and well-being.” – Bella Dreizler For anyone who has spent an inordinate amount of time trapped in a bed or chair by an illness, you may remember that feeling of using your muscles again, that feeling […]

Make Your Own Turmeric Milk

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate turmeric into my diet, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Our bodies are burdened with so many inflammatory foods and situations, that everytime I consume turmeric, I think of it as a self-loving practice. “Here’s some soothing herbs for you sweet body. I love you. Thank you for all […]

Open Hearts

Having an open and loving heart does not mean having to ignore or compromise your boundaries, nor disregard your intuition. Being open-hearted does not mean you have to spend time with people or situations that annoy you or compromise your safety.  You are not a doormat. You are not even a dish towel.  You are […]

Experimenting with Meditation Techniques

“Meditation is a technique for bringing us into the present moment and the experience of living in that moment, free from anxiety about the past or apprehension about the future.” -James S. Gordon, MD Meditation is my sanity, my secret sauce for staying grounded in this fast paced and demanding life…and for remembering me amidst […]

Zucchini Noodles & Meatballs

Is your zucchini and squashes overtaking your garden and kitchen?  Thinly sliced or grated through a spiralizer, zucchini is a great alternative for noodle dishes.  I was particularly pleased with this combination of squash, tomatoes, and meatballs.  Who needs flour noodles when you have squashes! Zucchini Noodles Portions of ingredients depends on how much you […]

Feeling Lost?

Just as a mother hen has to tend to her eggs so that they may hatch, we too must tend to our hearts and bodies so that they may flourish. I’m one of those people who easily gets caught up in my thoughts and analyzing matters to the point where I get lost. Sometimes my […]

The Joy of Disobedience

You should never be made to think that you have to live according to something or someone. And yet, how many times have you found yourself caught up in what you should do and NOT do, making choices based on what you believe to be right and wrong, and possibly even living your life from […]

Sustainable Wellness

I thought I’d share a thought Dr. Frank Lipman offered in a presentation I once attended.  As the “voice of sustainable wellness,” I believe Dr. Lipman does a great job of bringing awareness to the layering issues of health that many people face.  There isn’t always a direct and clear cut answer to a health issue, including […]

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Sugar

By now, most of us have a pretty good idea that reducing or drastically eliminating sugar is going to improve our health and well-being.  But eliminating sugar goes beyond the mental clarity, health and beauty benefits.  Ditching sugar is oddly enough one of those things that can almost immediately increase your self worth.  You find […]

Vibrations of Love

No one ever asks for a cancer diagnosis, but plenty receive it –even for those who least expect it.  A common story I hear is that “I eat well, exercise, don’t drink or smoke, and I still got cancer.”  While diet and exercise can play a large role in preventing or “healing” cancer, it is […]