Courtney Tice

About Courtney Tice

Courtney has a way of bringing heart and soul to life through art - including yours! Join her weekly for Therapeutic Art Classes at Wellness Within.

Summer Season

It is another event of seasons. Wellness Within celebrates the change of season and the power of community , family, and friendship. We invite you to gather at the edge of our Lake Folsom and join hands to thank the powers for our life, our breath, and our hope. A hike, a group art piece, […]

May in the Arts

The art classes from Wellness Within will be moving from Thursday evenings to Fridays, starting in May.  These classes are the “Art Journaling for Teens” and a new adult class “Get Creative.” Get Creative , will begin at 1pm -2:30, and follow a theme for the month. No experience is needed, and we encourage everyone […]

The Spring Equinox at Wellness Within

Even as the rain falls, we see the trees bursting with blossoms, and it’s just the end of February. Nature knows when spring is coming, even if the weather is absurd. Our area is breaking the winter slumber because the sun is turning to favor our side of the world. We of modern times call […]

Life in a Tree

In the expressive art process we use the symbol of the tree as a representation of our human form. The Tree is not drawn or painted to look like a tree in our physical world, but to mirror our body, mind, and spiritual growth. This is to aid our understanding of self on a deeper […]

Embrace your Creativity with an Open Heart

When a child sits and paints a picture for you, you instantly love it. You embrace that precious piece of paper, and sing their praise. The child has painted from an open heart. There is no internal judgement or shame, just pure joy and delight. The moment was expressed live and “in the now,” as […]