Jeffrey Clayton

About Jeffrey Clayton

Dr. Clayton, a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, trail hiker and mountain climber, brings to the center an invigorating fresh air experience for anyone whose life has been affected by cancer. As both a cancer survivor and a physician he understands the needs and limitations of those going through treatment, as well as those in the healing phase of recovery. As a volunteer, Jeff enjoys guiding small groups on outings from 1 hour to all day excursions, from local walks along the American River to day-long summit hikes in the Sierra. The goal is to gain a sense of adventure and promote the healing powers of fresh air and majestic scenery. Even a short respite from the emotional fatigue that goes with a cancer diagnosis helps one to gain a sense balance. Dr. Clayton trained in anesthesiology at Stanford University and practices at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento.

Humble Holiday

Short days, cold wet weather, lots to do and heaps of added responsibilities … as if there wasn’t enough on your plate already! December and the run up to the holidays is crazy time, let’s face it. All the more important to keep your calm, find your breath, and laugh at the world going nuts […]