Laurie Martin

About Laurie Martin

Laurie N. Martin is a trained Dancing Freedom and HealthRHYTHMS facilitator, guiding diverse groups in community for health and well-being. She trained at the Remo Drum Company with Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist and Christine Stevens, Music Therapist in the protocol “HealthRHYTHMS” ( in January 2011. Since then she has worked with ALL ages, from 2 to 100 to share Beats in Circle to promote joy and LIVElyness, inspire, reduce stress, invigorate our immune systems – whatever the participants want to improve/experience by discovering and sharing their rhythms from the inside out.

Empowerment Drumming

It is not surprising that drumming, one of the oldest healing rituals is now receiving heightened interest as a complementary therapeutic strategy in the conventional medical arena. We define “EMPOWERMENT DRUMMING” as a comprehensive whole-person, evidence-based therapeutic approach based on an emerging discipline we call, “RHYTHMACOLOGY.” This approach is recommended as a complementary strategy that […]