Lisa Morgan

About Lisa Morgan

Lisa loves the written word. The shock of a cancer diagnosis in early 2008 sent her back to writing for self expression, providing a way to deal with the emotions she experienced through the treatment and recovery process. Using her liberal arts degree and involvement with the AWA method of writing, she now conducts expressive writing groups for Wellness Within participants.

Word Play: Try it “Write” Now!

For over two years now I have facilitated one of the mind- body healing programs offered here at Wellness Within,”Expressive Writing for Healing”. The program has a dedicated core of fervent believers like me and Executive Director Patti Brown but, we are puzzled by the inconsistent attendance for these sessions. Is it because the group […]

Sharing Stories

Our expressive writing sessions will be offered again starting Wednesday February 5th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. I hope those of you reading this will consider dropping in and joining us.  I hear from members that they are interested in writing, but feel intimidated by it and don’t think of themselves as “writers.” Please consider […]

Lightning in a Bottle

While I was in treatment, I often turned to writing. It can be a confidante, a release, a way of capturing that “lighting in a bottle” emotion that can envelope you as you sit and reflect on your path. The poem below was composed on a trip I took to Tahoe right after I completed […]

Feb 13 2013: Five Years Out and Down the Road

By Lisa Morgan As I drove to a meeting today, I spotted the silver and glass Kaiser Facility on Expo Blvd and was quickly transported back five years ago to the day, when I met with my first (and only) surgeon to discuss my inevitable surgery. I did not know at the time it would […]