Gone Rogue

Recently, a friend asked if I ever went rogue from all the tools I teach about pausing, breathing and mindfulness practice during a difficult time in my life. She continued to probe further….. “And during this time were you cognizant as to whether or not you were experiencing greater distress and suffered as a result […]


  The Big Day of Giving is just around the corner! Thank you so much to all of you who are planning to give to Wellness Within on May 5th. Click here to donate now! From midnight to midnight, we are joining with 500 other nonprofits to raise funds for our organizations and support the […]

Talking to Your Kids

Parents frequently ask us, “how do I/we talk to my/our children about my cancer diagnosis?” We found in our archives a blog post from a few years ago about one woman’s strategy and thought it might be helpful to republish her story: “Honey, Mommy has,…”  No, too abrubpt. “You know how I keep having to […]

Essential Oils for Wellness

In addition to a mindfulness practice, eating well, and exercising, essential oils can be a great resource for wellness and serenity. This month we are honored to have a guest speaker come and share her knowledge of these powerful oils and how they can help transform you wellness regime. What are essential oils? Simply put, […]

2014 Year in Review

Did you know that in the past year we doubled in the number of people we serve?! And we definitely could not have done that without your help. In addition we expanded our Healing Movement Program and Outreach Program, plus brought in 3 amazing guest speakers covering topics related to health and wellness. And we […]

Humble Holiday

Short days, cold wet weather, lots to do and heaps of added responsibilities … as if there wasn’t enough on your plate already! December and the run up to the holidays is crazy time, let’s face it. All the more important to keep your calm, find your breath, and laugh at the world going nuts […]

Join the Post-It Project

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way in their life…and almost everyone has touched a post-it note at some point (if not everyday) in their life. We are creating a wall of art from around the world — made by you!! — as a memorial, testimony, and of hopes and courage to all […]

Sustainable Wellness

I thought I’d share a thought Dr. Frank Lipman offered in a presentation I once attended.  As the “voice of sustainable wellness,” I believe Dr. Lipman does a great job of bringing awareness to the layering issues of health that many people face.  There isn’t always a direct and clear cut answer to a health issue, including […]

Sandy Burgner, Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been an active part of Sandy’s life for the past 13 years.  In years past, as a stay at home mom, she initially found yoga on PBS with “Lilias, Yoga and You” programs.  Currently, she is a certified, registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. She received specialized yoga instruction from Exclusive Yoga in […]

What is Recovery

re – cov – er – y n. pl. re – cov – er – ies The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering, esp. from illness, a shock,   or a setback A restoration to a former or better condition. The regaining of something lost. The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources. […]