Care for the Caregivers

Thank you to Jenny Marais –  a local Nurse Navigator – for allowing us to republish a portion of chapter 17 from her book, Navigating Your Cancer Journey:   You’re a caregiver if you do anything for a person with cancer that helps them during their treatment… Being a caregiver is one of the hardest […]

Carriers of Light

“What is going on with you?” Eleanor softly inquired. Pacing, cupping the side of my head I stopped mid-step, responding with a deep sigh. “I don’t know, something is missing for Friday night’s gala.” “What?” “I want to mention the significance of ‘our light’ when I speak to the audience.” “Really! Please tell me more.” […]

A Deliberate Gift

First I dropped my keys… then a water canteen… and finally a bag of mandarins slipped from my arms while transitioning from my car to the back door of the Center. Watching my recent farmer’s market produce roll under my car, I paused. A deep sigh proceeded as I detected a pattern as of late. […]

Finding the Sacred Space Within

In yoga, we greet each other by saying Namaste. It’s a lovely way to say both hello and goodbye. The word originates in India and the root, nama, means “to bow.” Namaste recognizes the wisdom within each person, so we bow to that wisdom through greeting one another with sincerity. It may sound odd at […]

Honor the Hero Within

My recent contemplations since meeting Patti Brown, Director of Wellness Within, have centered on how the body can be a resource when a person has been diagnosed with cancer.  I bow to all persons touched by cancer as I too grappled with the emergent crisis upon hearing the diagnosis of cancer of a family member.  […]

Open Hearts

Having an open and loving heart does not mean having to ignore or compromise your boundaries, nor disregard your intuition. Being open-hearted does not mean you have to spend time with people or situations that annoy you or compromise your safety.  You are not a doormat. You are not even a dish towel.  You are […]

QiGong Home Practice

We love having Priscilla Tupper share her QiGong-TaiChi fusion classes here at the center. We also know that not everyone has the availability to show up these selected Wednesday evenings, so we thought we would share some recommended videos that you can do at your convenience at home…or wherever! And this one features Priscilla Tupper […]

Experimenting with Meditation Techniques

“Meditation is a technique for bringing us into the present moment and the experience of living in that moment, free from anxiety about the past or apprehension about the future.” -James S. Gordon, MD Meditation is my sanity, my secret sauce for staying grounded in this fast paced and demanding life…and for remembering me amidst […]

Healing Cycles

A familiar cycle has appeared in my life since cancer: weeks come where life is exciting, body feels energetic and the future looks so sweet. I’m so happy in these times and can see all the gifts that cancer has brought to my life; new outlook on life, new friends and a deep respect for […]

Gone Rogue

Recently, a friend asked if I ever went rogue from all the tools I teach about pausing, breathing and mindfulness practice during a difficult time in my life. She continued to probe further….. “And during this time were you cognizant as to whether or not you were experiencing greater distress and suffered as a result […]