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We appreciate all stories and experiences you share with us. Below are a few guidelines to reference when submitting a blog or personal story to Wellness Within.


Blog Editorial Guidelines


1. Our blog’s mission – Any blog or article contributed to Wellness Within needs to convey wellness in the presence of cancer and support our mission to enhance the quality of life of patients, survivors, caregivers and families afflicted with the trauma of cancer by providing accessible support services and education.


2. Audience –Our audience who will read these articles and blogs are the cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and families mentioned above. They are affected by the trauma and stress of cancer and want to read inspiring, heartfelt, meaningful blog posts and stories.


3. Topic –Commonly blog topics relate to dealing with cancer through mind, body and spirit. Our classes include meditation, mindfulness, expressive arts, yoga, tai chi, qigong, nutrition and cooking, but that we are open to new topics that relate to wellness in the presence of cancer.


4. Reposting, Linking and Photo Policy – Please discuss with a Wellness Within staff member before reposting on a separate web site or blog. For all photos Wellness Within needs to have rights to use a photo before posting, we have access to many photos and can assist with finding something that will work for your post.


5. Formatting – There are not strict guidelines for formatting. We do ask that you try and tell a story and remember to be heartfelt and meaningful. This is not just a space for advertising you or a class/product. This is an opportunity to tell a story and connect to our mission and our clients who are dealing with the stress and trauma of cancer.


6. Edits – We must review all blog posts and make final edits. If there are numerous edits needed, we will send back for you to make corrections and then re-submit.


7. Sources - If you use a statistic or a case study in your blog, please include a link to the source. If you claim something is healthy about a food or recipe, tell us how you know this to be true. Use links to the science based reviews or journals and credible news outlets.


8. Deadline – The blogs are sent out in a monthly newsletter that goes out the second Tuesday of the month. We need all blog content no later than 12pm on the Friday before the newsletter get sent.

Look to the East

Being a mom has taught me about me. I have learned to stand strong, while still being nimble and on my toes. I have learned how to juggle more than I could ever imagine and do it while smiling…and maybe cursing a few times. I have learned the unimaginable is often possible but it requires […]

I Can Face This

HERE’S MY STORY: I have always loved being active, enjoy being outdoors, living life to the fullest, as an adventurer. I challenge myself to be the best that I can be and have been blessed with a great attitude and energy level to accomplish things I have desired to do. AND THEN, In September 2013 […]

Healing Cycles

A familiar cycle has appeared in my life since cancer: weeks come where life is exciting, body feels energetic and the future looks so sweet. I’m so happy in these times and can see all the gifts that cancer has brought to my life; new outlook on life, new friends and a deep respect for […]

A Safe Place

Last (month) was the last in a series of four Expressive Writing for Healing classes at Wellness Within in Roseville. It is an amazing healing place that I have immersed myself in over the past few weeks. Taking advantage of this time, after most of my active treatment is past and my body engages in the […]

Redifining My Life

It all started six years ago, my optometrist found a spot on my eye after I started seeing flashes or flickers of light. He sent me to an ophthalmologist who told me it could be one of three things – a bundle of blood vessels, a freckle/birthmark or melanoma. He emphasized the later but also […]

Humble Holiday

Short days, cold wet weather, lots to do and heaps of added responsibilities … as if there wasn’t enough on your plate already! December and the run up to the holidays is crazy time, let’s face it. All the more important to keep your calm, find your breath, and laugh at the world going nuts […]

Music & Motion

Ready? Set. Dance! My heart speeds up whenever I hear music. Whether it’s a popular song on the radio, an acoustic guitar player at a café, or the raucous made-up songs my husband belts our while cooking dinner…the beat, the rhythms, and the melodies instantly makes my heart lighten up and my soul come alive! […]

Following Happiness

First comes love…then comes marriage…then comes a baby in a carriage! That phrase loops in my head as I look at my work calendar. Engagement session here, wedding there, newborn session later. It really is a continuous cycle of excitement! As a photographer I have the wondrous opportunity to capture the story of families. I […]

The best horrible thing to happen to me.

March is my Cancer Anniversary month.  March puts me in a funk.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer thirteen years ago.  It may seem ridiculous that it took me that long to realize why I hate March. Most of the year I don’t spend much time thinking about it.  I have moved on. I am […]

Sandy Burgner, Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been an active part of Sandy’s life for the past 13 years.  In years past, as a stay at home mom, she initially found yoga on PBS with “Lilias, Yoga and You” programs.  Currently, she is a certified, registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. She received specialized yoga instruction from Exclusive Yoga in […]