Nature Recreation

Walking is a profound tool of healing.”

Nature is one of the strongest healing remedies available to those who seek it, and it is ready for our use and enjoyment at any given time. At Wellness Within, our Nature Walks provide a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and promote healing through self-awareness. By spending time outdoors, the beauty of nature will lead you down a path of serenity and hopefulness. A source of comfort and inspiration can be found through the warmth of the sun, beauty of the landscape, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildflowers and wildlife. We carefully select trails in the Sacramento area that are easy to navigate and offer splendid scenery. Most of the trails are an out and back style, meaning they are trails in which one enters and leaves on the same path. Depending on the trail it will take between 20-40 minutes each way…but the regeneration it gives will be worth every minute. Join us on our next Nature Walk and get connected with the beauty of nature and all its remarkable powers!

Walks will be cancelled in rainy weather.
Suggestions for places to go are welcomed!

The focus on Nature Walks is to promote healing. “Walking becomes more than physical exercise; it becomes a form of stress release and healing that supports medical treatment and emotional recovery. You boost energy with better breathing, release endorphins that make life brighter, and stimulate enhanced immune functions.” Carolyn Scott Kortge

Guide: Margie McCavitt,

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