Nutrition and Cooking

Nutrition and CookingWhat we eat and how we eat can have profound effect on our health and well-being; food is more than sustenance, it is information. We know that the world of nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming. Let our Nutrition and Wellness Educators help you demystify the world of food with one of our educational nutrition classes; peruse our online resource section for local farms and healthy restaurants; and/or browse our in-house library for informational and recipe books specific to managing cancer.

All of our classes and resources are designed to address the questions and needs of people living with cancer. Please note that every individual’s needs are unique – we are all blessed with bio-individuality. Therefore, we do NOT prescribe or endorse anything. 


Nutritional Class Offerings at Wellness Within:

Foods to Nourish
Farm to Fork Demo/Cooking classes
1:1 Health Coaching

Get hands on with your food in our Farm to Fork Demo/Cooking classes classes, enjoy a well balanced meal in our Foods to Nourish classes, or attend one of our Farm to Table events and enjoy a local nourishing meal while supporting local farmers!

Our nutrition educational classes are led by Certified Holistic Health Coaches with live instruction, vegan and sugar free recipes, and research-based nutrition information.  Our Farm to Fork demo classes are led by a local farmer with fresh and seasonal produce. Classes are built around the principles that filling your plate with as many whole foods as possible, and enjoying the food you eat are paramount to a healthy and thriving diet.


Upcoming classes & events:

To allow for sufficient preparation time, please register for Nutrition classes 48 hours prior. Class may be cancelled if there are insufficient sign-ups.

Our programs are specifically tailored to the needs of those affected by the stress of cancer – cancer patients, survivors, caretakers, and family. Classes are free or low cost on a pay-as-you-can basis, ensuring that our programs are accessible to everyone. Please contact us if you are in need of a scholarship or assistance with any class fees.


Additional Nutritional Resources:

Online Resource Section

In-House Resource Library

Foods to Nourish Pinterest board


Recipes and Nutritional Wellness Words