Gentle Nourishing Yoga

warrior pose

Date(s) - 08/31/2017
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

This yoga class offers a gentle form of yoga and includes restful, restorative postures using props such as the wall, blankets or bolster pillows. With this, we teach breathing practices to build lung strength, and some standing and seated poses for stability and balance. All of these have been shown to reduce stress and discomfort.

We know that students are often in different stages of treatment and recovery, so the movements are simple enough that we can accommodate most physical challenges, and deep enough to engage them both mentally and emotionally. The movements are done in chairs or sitting on the floor, standing, or lying down. We generally begin with easy postures and progress to using more of the large muscles of the body, emphasizing range of motion, increased circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and expanded breathing. Each class ends with a restful, floor relaxation.

This class is most suited for people who have a degree of physical stability and can get up and down from the floor. People with bone cancer are discouraged from practicing due to the possibility of discomfort or injury.

Sign up online or call us at 916-788-0333 to reserve your spot.

We highly recommend pre-registering for this class, as it can fill up. We cannot guarantee a spot for all walk-ins.

Adrian Carrera About Adrian Carrera

Adrian found yoga on a whim thanks to a Friend’s gift of a free month of yoga. He went and was immediately hooked. One of the biggest benefits he received was being able to fully let go of his stressful workday through practice. “That was something I could not get doing other exercise activities. After just a couple of months I knew Yoga was something I wanted to have a bigger presence in my life. So I decided to become a teacher.”In Spring 2014, Adrian completed yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Seed Collective.

Yoga has changed Adrian’s life both physically and mindfully. In his personal practice he primarily focuses on Vinyasa and Yin modalities, as he has found Yin an important role in keeping his practice steady and balanced. When teaching, he loves to provide a well balanced all levels class.