“Wellness Within provides invaluable services to patients, survivors and their families coping with a cancer diagnosis.  I have been impressed with the results patients have experienced from participation in their programs. I have found Wellness Within’s programs to compliment patient’s medical treatments. I give my full endorsement to Wellness Within and am thankful for their incredible dedication and important work.”

Balazs I. Bodai, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Director, Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute

Register for classes through our calendar, by phone 916-788-0333, or by contacting program staff directly.

To make an appointment for individual programs please contact staff by email or call us at 916-788-0333.


Individual Support and Grief Counseling

Contact: Patti Brown at 916.788.0333 or


Mind Body

Mind Body Skills Group

Wellness Within facilitates a 6-week session for cancer patients & survivors on developing Mind-Body skills. Mind-Body Medicine focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health. View mind body session dates.

Contact: Patti Brown at 916.788.0333 or

For our registration form please download our Skills Group Questionnaire or fill out our class registration form online

Insight Meditation

Insight meditation, or Vipassana, is perhaps the Buddha’s most important teaching in self-liberation. It is the practice of mindfulness – cultivating a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness of all experiences in life. While most forms of meditation reduce stress and bring calmness and clarity of mind, Insight meditation also extends our deeper awareness to all aspects of life and dissolves the barriers to a full development of wisdom and compassion.

During this class we engage in the basic practices of insight meditation.  We first focus on the basics of meditation and on mindfulness of breathing. We then explore mindfulness of the body and expand our focus to include all our physical experiences. We will introduce mindfulness of feelings and emotions. During the latter stages of the class we explore mindfulness of the mind and thinking. Ultimately, we focus on the role of mindfulness in daily life and in deepening one’s spiritual life.

Contact: Dave Judd at

Healing with Guided Imagery

The subconscious mind is a powerful place; it is the storehouse for our memories, the seat of our creativity and imagination, and the creator of our dreams. It is from here, that our thought patterns and habitual behaviors are established, and emotions and feelings arise. Guided Imagery is the process of directing your thoughts and imagination, which guide you to a deeply relaxed and focused state of consciousness.  This natural relaxed state provides the subconscious mind freedom from the “critical” mind.  Focusing the subconscious mind while relaxed engages the mind body connection.

Guided Imagery is beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety levels, changing habits and addressing phobias, reducing pain levels, and provides a general sense of well being. This four session group series will explore the benefits of Guided Imagery.  Please feel free to attend one or all sessions:

  • Positive Energy
  • Peace and Calm
  • Health and Healing
  • Grounding & Centering

Group and individual sessions available.

Contact: Gayle Rideout at


iRest® is a guided meditation which consists of breath awareness, progressive muscle relaxation & mindfulness. It’s a process that is designed to help people to deeply relax and resolve symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, chronic pain, post traumatic stress and a host of other things that we experience as human beings. As we learn and strengthen the skills in deep relaxation, we will learn how to stay relaxed even during an intense experience. You can experience this class sitting down on a chair or lying down on a yoga mat on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing. No experience is needed for the iRest class. All you need to do is come with an open mind and follow directions. You cannot do this wrong.

We highly recommend you commit to 4-8 weeks of iRest® to experience the full benefits.

Contact: Iram Khan at


Expressive Arts

Writing as a Path to Healing

Don’t Fight It, Just Write It!
Words are powerful things. Come and use them to give voice to your personal journey. You can write  your “art out” in a comfortable, supportive environment. The group will use Pat Schneider’s AWA  methods as inspiration, and, all writing is treated as fiction and held confidential by members. Sessions facilitated by Lisa Morgan, writer and cancer survivor. Lisa provides prompts, such as poems, objects, visual images and music to inspire the group to take a journey with words. The goal is to relax, express yourself and become a part of a safe, supportive community.

We all have a unique voice and a story to tell. Join us and discover what your words can do. Participants 18 and over welcome.  View expressive art class dates.

Contact:  Lisa Morgan at

Therapeutic Art

Explore the nonverbal language of your soul through expressive drawing, painting, and collage.

These dynamic classes are a therapeutic tool used to mirror your life’s feelings, emotions, and moods. Often we turn from these overwhelming experiences rather than embrace, digest, and grow from what our body and mind needs to process and release. When we “flow” creatively through these events, we can identify, witness, and release them. Often this enriches our lives, by allowing us to live deeper and access our spiritual selves for guidance and strength. We are creating a dialogue of symbols, colors, and physical movements that reconnect our body and mind to the healing nature of our resilient soul.

Together we will explore, support, and discover how image making can be used to reflect our inner life. We will work in paint, charcoal, graphite, and collage. Using creative expression as a wellness practice, we will learn to work on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. This six week course is intended to introduce the methods an individual can use to move closer to wholeness. Whether your intentions are to work on physical, mental, or spiritual issues, this class will guide you through a visual self discovery that will start you on a new and exciting creative path that can follow you through life’s joys and sufferings with a new voice. No experience is needed, and materials will be provided.

Contact: Courtney Tice at

Photography Journaling

This 4 week class will use photography as a fun and creative outlet to record your adventures with cancer.
We will be creating a visual diary using your photographs and words to record your trials and triumphs as you go through your healing journey.  Please bring your own camera (iPhone, Canon, or whatever you have!).  No prior experience of photography is needed.  Depending on the needs and wishes of the each group, composition and styling may be discussed.
Contact: Jaymie Smith at



Foods to Nourish

Foods to Nourish is an informational and skills building class that explores diet strategies and their influence on enhancing and strengthening the body’s innate healing system. We will discuss the best cancer fighting foods while also reviewing those that should be avoided. We’ll also cover simple, practical steps you can use in your own kitchen, at the grocery store and in restaurants to assist you in making healthy nourishing choices.

Contact: Diane Giuliani at

Health Coaching Consultation

Receive 1:1 guidance from a Certified Holistic Health Coach, who will help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you, as either a cancer patient, survivor, or support system.

Health Coaching sessions are currently available by appointment only.  Please contact Diane to set up your session.

Contact: Diane Giuliani at



Gentle Nourishing Yoga

Yoga practice is made for transformation. It can bring a soothing, healing quality to our minds and also help strengthen our bodies to support us through the healing journey.

Our yoga class offers a gentle form of yoga and includes restful, restorative postures using props such as the wall, blankets or bolster pillows. With this, we teach breathing practices to build lung strength, and some standing and seated poses for stability and balance. All of these have been shown to reduce stress and discomfort.

We know that students are often in different stages of treatment and recovery, so the movements are simple enough that we can accommodate most physical challenges, and deep enough to engage them both mentally and emotionally. The movements are done in chairs or sitting on the floor, standing, or lying down. We generally begin with easy postures and progress to using more of the large muscles of the body, emphasizing range of motion, increased circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and expanded breathing. Each class ends with a restful, floor relaxation.

This class is most suited for people who have a degree of physical stability and can get up and down from the floor. People with bone cancer are discouraged from practicing due to the possibility of discomfort or injury.

Most students enjoy both the opportunity to reconnect to their bodies as well as the chance to practice deep relaxation. All techniques enhance well being and a sense of mental and physical ease.

View Yoga class dates.

Contact: Susan Whitaker at

Nature Walks

“Walking is a profound tool of healing.”
Nature is one of the strongest healing remedies available to those who seek it, and it is ready for our use and enjoyment at any given time.  At Wellness Within, our Nature Walks provide a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and promote healing through self-awareness.  By spending time outdoors, the beauty of nature will lead you down a path of serenity and hopefulness.  A source of comfort and inspiration can be found through the warmth of the sun, beauty of the landscape, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildflowers and wildlife.  We carefully select trails in the Sacramento area that are easy to navigate and offer splendid scenery.  Most of the trails are an out and back style, meaning they are trails in which one enters and leaves on the same path.  Depending on the trail it will take between 20-40 minutes each way…but the regeneration it gives will be worth every minute.  Join us on our next Nature Walk and get connected with the beauty of nature and all its remarkable powers!

Walks will be cancelled in rainy weather.
Suggestions for places to go are welcomed!
For upcoming Nature Walks dates view our calendar.

Contact:  Margie McCavitt at


Registration Form

Feel free to fill out our Workshop Registration Form online or download it ahead of time, and bring it with you to class!