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Brook Rivera

Brook Rivera, HHC, LMT
Program Director & Wellness Educator

Brook Rivera is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, recognized Drugless Practitioner from AADP, and is certified in Raw Food Nutrition. She has grown up in both the food industry and health field, being a daughter of a restaurateur and a third generation healer. Having worked in the health field for over 20 years, she is familiar with a wide range of holistic healing modalities, and recognizes the importance of bio-individuality and in health and well-being.

With her background in teaching grade school for 4 years and adult nutrition classes, combined with her holistic training and experience, she is honored to be assisting Wellness Within as their Program Director.  Having had family go through the difficulty of cancer, she all to well understands the hardships that a cancer diagnosis brings to all.


Lisa Morgan, B.A. UC Davis Rhetoric/Mass Communications
Expressive Writing Facilitator

Lisa loves the written word. With her liberal arts degree, she made a career in human resource management and worked for over 15 years with major retail and wholesale companies in Northern California. Life was good until she was rocked by a cancer diagnosis in early 2008. That shock sent her back to writing for self-expression, providing a way to deal with the emotions she experienced through the treatment and recovery process.

Inspired by her best friend and her involvement with the AWA method of writing, Lisa now conducts expressive writing groups for Wellness Within participants. Words are powerful things, and research has shown that creative expression in the arts while dealing with illness, treatment and recovery can ease the mind, reduce stress and help lift the spirits. Join Lisa and explore your own journey with the written word.


Jaymie Smith
Music & Motion Instructor, Professional Photographer

Jaymie ‘Pyxie’ Smith is a full-time portrait and wedding photographer based in Roseville, CA – Pyxie Studios. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and has kicked cancer in the tush with the same gusto she puts into her work. Pyxie also has had a lifelong passion with music and dancing. She found that the combination helped greatly with healing her physically and spiritually during and after her bout with cancer.

Marsha 125x175


Marsha Kilian
Yoga Instructor

Marsha has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and is a registered yoga instructor. She received additional training to provide specialized yoga for breast cancer clients through Exclusive Yoga’s “Yoga Breast Cancer Recovery & Beyond” program in Boston. A survivor herself, Marsha’s first became aware of the need for this type of program as she attempted to return to yoga classes after surgery. There she faced challenges that were unfamiliar to the instructor and needed specific resources to enable a safe return to her practice.

Her classes provide a gentle recovery from breast cancer through the use of specific and adapted posture sequences, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. The non-verbal support of practicing in a peer group also provides healing energy.




Sandy Burgner
Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been an active part of Sandy’s life for the past 13 years.  Years ago as a stay at home mom, she initially found yoga on PBS with “Lilias, Yoga and You” programs.  Currently, she is a certified, registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. She received specialized yoga instruction from Exclusive Yoga in “Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery and Beyond ” in Boston.  During her 35 years of nursing practice, she primarily worked in women’s health and community education.  In addition, her mother was a breast cancer patient, who Sandy cared for during the last months of her life. For Sandy, these special breast cancer yoga classes are in dedication to her memory.



Dave Judd
Meditation Teacher

Dave Judd studied Political Science (Asian Studies), Philosophy (Asian Thought), and Law in the academic world. He was a Chinese Linguist in the Army stationed on Taiwan . In his early years he developed a strong interest in meditation and eastern philosophy while he pursued a related interest in the martial arts. Through the past thirty-five years, Dave has explored a variety of meditation practices, to include Transcendental Meditation (TM), Yoga, Tai Chi, and Buddhist mindfulness. He is a graduate of the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy program in Redwood City; is a Hospice volunteer in Auburn; and teaches mindfulness meditation in various locations in the Auburn area.Not a scholar on Buddhism, Dave is merely another traveler on the paths laid down by many masters. Lacking the wisdom to give the right answers, Dave is contented if he can cultivate the humility and curiosity to discover the right questions. Dave has seen how meditation allows for a truly deep and compassionate transformation of human suffering. The pain and loss associated with serious illness of all kinds can be soothed by walking the tranquil path of mindfulness. Dave is eager to equip Wellness Within clients find inner tranquility while dealing with cancer and it’s aftermath.

Wellness Within - Matt MiltonMatt Milton, PT
Time for Fitness Coordinator
mmilton@wellnesswithin.orgMatt has 25 years of physical therapy experience and has learned that his great joy and passion is to connect with people. He takes full advantage of the relational aspect of physical therapy and lifts people up in support as they learn to manage their musculoskeletal issues. Matt finds that patients respond positively and assume responsibility for their own wellness when they feel supported in a relationship that is based on listening, respect, and accountability. Because he thoroughly enjoys communicating with people on an individual basis, the technical part of therapy–education, training, and exercise–becomes personalized and fun. Matt thinks that working closely with people has helped him to become a better listener, a caring health care provider, and one who receives incredible joy from relating to and connecting with patients.
Wellness Within - Patty MiltonPatty Milton, PT
Time for Fitness Coordinator
pmilton@wellnesswithin.orgIn her 24 years of therapy Patty has had the privilege to work with people in various situations and environments, none more significant or personal than in the patient’s own home. Meeting people in their homes and  helping them to regain basic, daily life functions is not only satisfying, but it brings great joy to both of us. The relational component of her work has become the priority at each home health visit, and involving the family in the process has been vital. There is something unique and very personal about working with someone in their home environment, and Patty has learned over the years that people are vulnerable while at the same time extremely appreciative of health care providers who enter their domain with respect, concern, and care.Wellness Within - Shannon MaveetyShannon Maveety, Ed.D
Program Advocate
smaveety@wellnesswithin.orgShannon Maveety, Ed.D. has committed her life to children. Over the last two decades, she has served as a classroom teacher, administrator, Professor of Teacher Education, has owned and operated educationally-based companies, and has coached over a half-dozen sports for children, including her two sons’ soccer and basketball teams. She is a published author, has presented at local, state, and international teaching conferences, and has been on local television as an educational expert. She has been awarded Teacher of the Year, Site Employee of the Year, and was one of seven teachers nationwide to be recognized on the Martha Stewart Show in 2010 as a teacher who makes a difference with children. Moreover, she kicked cancer’s butt twice.Shannon leaves an indelible mark in all our hearts forever. We will miss her and we will be led by the legacy she has left behind of living life to it’s fullest, never giving up in times of struggle and loving with every cell in our bodies!