Nourish Your Microbiome to Fight Cancer

The newest approach to staying healthy and disease free is to eat and drink for a healthier microbiome.  What is a microbiome? Your unique microbiome is a diverse community of bacteria and other microorganisms that camp out in your body, especially in the lower intestine-the “gut.”  These microbes have their own DNA, considered our second […]

Morning Delights – Clove Granola

  Getting bored with the same breakfast?  Spice up your morning with warming spices and a variety of grains.  It’s important to vary your foods so as not to develop an allergy to a specific food and to insure a wide range of nutrients so that you are consuming the ones needed for your particular […]

Get Your Crucifers On!!

By Diane Giuliani, HHC You’ve most likely been eating your crucifers since you were a child and didn’t even know it! Cruciferous vegetables, a botanical family with the Latin name of Cruciferae or Brassicaceae, include many shapes, colors and sizes of vegetables. It’s only when these plants go to seed and flower that you see […]

Getting Back to Basics

By Brook Rivera, HHC Are your goals to eat better this year? There are 100ʼs of diets and eating plans out there — enough to confuse even the savviest…itʼs times like these when itʼs best to keep it simple. Donʼt underestimate the power of preparing more home cooked meals with whole foods. Youʼll consume less […]

Healthy Strategies for Holiday Parties

By Diane Giuliani, HHC This time of year, as our friends and family host holiday parties, we’re tempted to indulge in foods and snacks that we might not normally consume. Even though we know this, we frequently attend these parties with a mindset of “Oh it’s the holidays so I’m going to treat myself and […]

Should I Eat Wheat?

By Brook Rivera, HHC What do millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, rice, and corn all have in common?  They are gluten-free grains. While a gluten-free diet is typically for those with Celiac or gluten sensitivities, refraining from gluten or wheat can be a useful approach for any healing process, including cancer.

Hungry for Balance

by Diane Giuliani As I watch the colors fade on the perennials in my garden and the leaves begin to accumulate on my back patio, I’m reminded that autumn has arrived. Annually I find myself emotionally conflicted around this time of year. I find myself beginning to mourn the loss of the warm, bright, expansive […]

Dairy & Cancer

By Brook Rivera, HHC I love cheese, and it was a daily staple in my diet for many years — especially since I was a vegetarian.  It didn’t occur to me that unless you were allergic or lactose intolerant, cheese would be undesirable, until I learned to eat less cheese myself.  I realized with less […]

Tips for Safer Outdoor Grilling

This is the time of year when many of us like to spend less time cooking in the kitchen and more time cooking outside on our grills while enjoying friends and family. However, as a breast cancer survivor I have my concerns about how I can still enjoy the outdoor cooking experience without consuming foods […]