Dance Lessons

One, two, three; one, two, three; spin, dip. Repeat. We dance to familiar life stressors consciously and unconsciously. Coping and navigating our way through life’s challenges the best way we know how. Dancing, then waiting to learn the next steps.

Dairy & Cancer

By Brook Rivera, HHC I love cheese, and it was a daily staple in my diet for many years — especially since I was a vegetarian.  It didn’t occur to me that unless you were allergic or lactose intolerant, cheese would be undesirable, until I learned to eat less cheese myself.  I realized with less […]

Mother Nature’s Mirror

By Diane Giuliani A few weeks ago I had the pure delight of spending 3 days with some of my dearest friends camping at Woods Lake. This was our 28th annual “Ladies Camping Trip”. Quite honestly …. that number boggles my mind! How can that possibly BE? Needless to say we’ve traveled many roads together […]

Deep Listening

Wait… what? Did you say something? Within minutes of our flight landing I noticed something was different. You know that feeling when your ears pop and you can hear yourself talking as if you were inside a can. For twelve days my hearing, which is already compromised, was even worse. A further loss of hearing […]

Be the Difference in Your Health

by Diana Giuliani Once you’ve been personally affected by cancer and have come out on the other side, it’s a journey that you never care to repeat. Consciously or unconsciously you hope that your cancer is gone – FOREVER. Then one day you wake up and your energy is low, or you feel out of […]

Summer Seasonal Produce

by Margie McCavitt Happy Summer! Hope everyone is enjoying locally grown, fresh, seasonal produce this summer! Some of the expected fresh produce available now at the Farmer’s Market includes: Summer squash: Summer squash is a good source of nutrients such as niacin, magnesium and Vitamins A & C. Enjoy one or all of the four […]