Healthy Strategies for Holiday Parties

By Diane Giuliani, HHC This time of year, as our friends and family host holiday parties, we’re tempted to indulge in foods and snacks that we might not normally consume. Even though we know this, we frequently attend these parties with a mindset of “Oh it’s the holidays so I’m going to treat myself and […]

Lovin’ Fall and Winter Squash

By Diane Giuliani I love autumn!! Every day I delight in Mother Nature’s brilliant display of fall colors on the trees. I relish the last of the divinely warm daytime temperatures, but can hardly wait for the nippy air temps at night. Pumpkins are everywhere you turn. Some paid their last tribute as creatively carved Jack-o-lanterns, […]

Hungry for Balance

by Diane Giuliani As I watch the colors fade on the perennials in my garden and the leaves begin to accumulate on my back patio, I’m reminded that autumn has arrived. Annually I find myself emotionally conflicted around this time of year. I find myself beginning to mourn the loss of the warm, bright, expansive […]

Mother Nature’s Mirror

By Diane Giuliani A few weeks ago I had the pure delight of spending 3 days with some of my dearest friends camping at Woods Lake. This was our 28th annual “Ladies Camping Trip”. Quite honestly …. that number boggles my mind! How can that possibly BE? Needless to say we’ve traveled many roads together […]

Be the Difference in Your Health

by Diana Giuliani Once you’ve been personally affected by cancer and have come out on the other side, it’s a journey that you never care to repeat. Consciously or unconsciously you hope that your cancer is gone – FOREVER. Then one day you wake up and your energy is low, or you feel out of […]

A Healthier Trip to the Kitchen

A few days ago I was talking with someone and she shared that she had eaten a late lunch and therefore wasn’t terribly hungry when the dinner hour rolled around. She was however hungry enough to have a little bite to eat, so she chose to have celery sticks filled with a processed cheese spread. Upon hearing this […]


My winter morning staples for breakfast include millet, steel cut oats or rolled oats. However, now that spring is in the air and the days are getting longer and warmer, I find myself desiring something different to replace my hearty breakfast grains that I so love during the cooler months. About a year ago I […]

Think Green – Drink Green

Once again I put my body through the rigors of another science experiment. For the past month I decided to incorporate a green smoothie or green juice at least once and sometimes twice a day. It seemed that everywhere I turned someone was touting the benefits of GREEN drinks……. and I don’t mean the celebratory effervescent Green drink […]

Super Powers of Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals (phyto = Greek for plant) are plant chemicals from whole grain, beans, vegetable, fruit, and nut/seed sources. These chemicals protect the plants from disease and have also proved to augment the body’s defense against disease and aging. Some phytochemicals have shown promise in inhibiting tumor growth while others can stop the chain of events […]