Nourish Your Microbiome to Fight Cancer

The newest approach to staying healthy and disease free is to eat and drink for a healthier microbiome.  What is a microbiome? Your unique microbiome is a diverse community of bacteria and other microorganisms that camp out in your body, especially in the lower intestine-the “gut.”  These microbes have their own DNA, considered our second […]

A Healthier Trip to the Kitchen

A few days ago I was talking with someone and she shared that she had eaten a late lunch and therefore wasn’t terribly hungry when the dinner hour rolled around. She was however hungry enough to have a little bite to eat, so she chose to have celery sticks filled with a processed cheese spread. Upon hearing this […]

Healthy Soil… Healthy Plants… Healthy Bodies

Organic soil health is generally seen as the foundation of successful organic vegetable production.  Assessing soil health has been likened to a routine medical examination for a person, when a doctor measures a number of key parameters as basic indicators of overall system functions. Before starting our organic crops, we needed to understand the status […]

Wash It, Even If It’s Organic

It has been a very mild winter for many of us and I must say this gorgeous weather is teasing me. My garden is beginning to awaken, showing signs of spring crops emerging and I am anxiously waiting to get my hands in the dirt. Speaking of dirt, let’s try to remember to make sure […]