Healing Nature Walks

By Margie McCavitt I like to go on walks.  Like gardening, walking outdoors is a way to de-stress, refresh and feel renewed.  It changes perspective…and it replenishes the health of the soul. It’s exciting to announce this spring, the wellness center will add Nature Walks to our menu of programs.  Please join us and get […]

“Let it Grow, let it grow, let it grow”….

By Margie McCavitt One of the most exciting things about the New Year is deciding what crops to grow.   Annual seed catalogs start arriving around the middle of December-it’s a total psych up!  The catalogs offer over 1000 varieties of unique vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Flipping through the pages makes me feel the same way […]

Tis the Season for Persimmons!

By Margie McCavitt   I didn’t know what a persimmon was until my family moved to our property in Loomis.  Several mature fruit trees were established when we arrived.  The apple, apricot, fig, peach, pear, plum, and pomegranate trees were easy to identify; however, four other fruit bearing trees were not familiar to me.  Our […]

Mountain Mandarin Harvest Season!

By Margie McCavitt Sweet, juicy, seedless and easy to peel Mountain Mandarins are ripening as you read this! The season begins in mid-November and continues through January. The warm days and cool nights make Placer County a perfect place to grow this popular fruit.  There are about 30 Mountain Mandarin Growers throughout the rural areas […]

Organic Food in the News

by Margie McCavitt Family and friends asked me about a recent article by Stanford University where “researchers found little significant difference in health benefits between organic and conventional foods”. The Stanford study reviewed previous research (meta-analysis) and analyzed the nutritional contents of organic and conventionally grown foods.  Read the article at:  med.stanford.edu/ism/2012/september/organic.html.