Wisdom Givers

A year ago today as I took a walk on the morning of my 26th birthday, thoughts raced through my mind worried about what the future had in store. One surgery done, radiation still flowing in my veins, my body and spirit feeling broken. This birthday was different than any other, not only within myself, […]

Cancer Coach

By Jeannine Walston When diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998 when I was 24 years old, I knew nothing about cancer. My fear shattered every ounce of my bones. As I moved through the terror and eventually completely redefined my knowledge, I’ve learned tremendous wisdom to help others. My path has been with twists […]

Never Give Up

By Patti Brown Excitedly, I was making my way down the road listening to Home By Phillip Phillips on Pandora.  Spending some time with one of the most inspirational women I know made for the makings of a great day. Do you know Shannon? No? Well then, for those who haven’t had the honor let me […]

Healing Nature Walks

By Margie McCavitt I like to go on walks.  Like gardening, walking outdoors is a way to de-stress, refresh and feel renewed.  It changes perspective…and it replenishes the health of the soul. It’s exciting to announce this spring, the wellness center will add Nature Walks to our menu of programs.  Please join us and get […]

Living a Life of Truth

Guest post by Allie Northern When I first heard about mind body medicine, I was eager to partake in the classes. Each week we would learn new mindfulness techniques to bring us back into our bodies and out of the racing thoughts and anxious feelings that had consumed many of us. Meditation, guided imagery, writing, […]

Seasons of Change

By Patti Brown “Oh my darling, you will never know how happy I am, there aren’t words good enough to explain my happiness or how much I love you.” On July 8, 1946, a mere seven months after the end of WWII, on ash tone, faded stationary with thinly scripted cursive hand writing, my father […]

Deep Listening

Wait… what? Did you say something? Within minutes of our flight landing I noticed something was different. You know that feeling when your ears pop and you can hear yourself talking as if you were inside a can. For twelve days my hearing, which is already compromised, was even worse. A further loss of hearing […]

New Team Member – Brook

We are thrilled to welcome Brook to our team here at Wellness Within. She is interning with Patti for the Mind-Body Medicine program and with her extensive background will be offering some other classes in September; watch our calendar for more details.   Brook Rivera is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, recognized […]

CANCER: One of Life’s Greatest Gifts

“You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. And since it’s in your bone marrow throughout your skeleton, it is Stage 4.” Little did I know what those words really meant until I Googled “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.” Oh my God, I thought. I have cancer and it’s stage 4… and there is no stage 5. How surreal. Little did I know I’d received […]

Yoga May Help Cancer Patients After Treatment

Originally posted by By PAMELA MAZZEO, M.D. ABC News Medical Unit May 21, 2010 In the chemotherapy infusion room at the Staten Island University Hospital sit several cancer patients hooked up to IVs. But they aren’t leafing through magazines or staring at a talk show and worrying about their health. Instead, their right legs are lifted up in […]