By Tina Lassiter   the rain pushes gloom through my window  into my heart, running down uncontrolled like the tears on the cheeks of my swollen face…   everything about this numbness, this shock and disbelief gives me permission to stay in bed for a long while, it’s just that difficult to lift body or […]

Lentils: Nutrition-Packed and Fiber-Rich

By Diane Giuliani Even though spring is fast approaching, we’ll surely see a few more cold damp days through March and April. When one of those days hits, I often fall back on one of my favorite super simple dinners that I can throw together in no time – Lentil Soup, or Stewoup as I […]

Breathing Space – March

By Susan Whitaker “What brings us grace is not always pleasant, though it seems always to take us to something essential in ourselves.” Stephen Levine I spent the whole day working in the yard, being in a state of relaxation. I was really happy because there were no demands on my time and no goals […]

Radio Interview with Capital Public Radio

Thank you to Allie Northern and Sanjini Singh for volunteering their time and hearts to be interviewed with Patti Brown by Beth Ruyak from Insight, Capital Public Radio.  Listen to the interview here: http://www.capradio.org/news/insight/2013/02/05/insight-news-network-nevada–wellness-within–fred-krupp–band-of-the-golden-west

Cancer Coach

By Jeannine Walston When diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998 when I was 24 years old, I knew nothing about cancer. My fear shattered every ounce of my bones. As I moved through the terror and eventually completely redefined my knowledge, I’ve learned tremendous wisdom to help others. My path has been with twists […]

Never Give Up

By Patti Brown Excitedly, I was making my way down the road listening to Home By Phillip Phillips on Pandora.  Spending some time with one of the most inspirational women I know made for the makings of a great day. Do you know Shannon? No? Well then, for those who haven’t had the honor let me […]

Healing Nature Walks

By Margie McCavitt I like to go on walks.  Like gardening, walking outdoors is a way to de-stress, refresh and feel renewed.  It changes perspective…and it replenishes the health of the soul. It’s exciting to announce this spring, the wellness center will add Nature Walks to our menu of programs.  Please join us and get […]

Chocolate Gets a Thumbs Up!

By Diane Giuliani, CHHC Late last year my youngest son was participating in a See’s Candy fundraiser for his high school Chamber Choir. I spent several weeks looking at a color slick photo sheet on my kitchen counter of a variety of chocolate confections that See’s has earned great notoriety for. We all know what […]

Feb Breathing Space

By Susan Whitaker “The power of yoga is the ability to stand up when we don’t think we can, to move through what feels insurmountable, and to transcend difficulties with breath and acceptance.” ~Cora Wen Please join me today in this guided meditation, to bring you peace and soothe your heart:

Insight Meditation

Insight meditation, or Vipassana, is perhaps the Buddha’s most important teaching in self-liberation. It is the practice of mindfulness – cultivating a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness of all experiences in life. While most forms of meditation reduce stress and bring calmness and clarity of mind, Insight meditation also extends our deeper awareness to all […]