Hope is the belief That one hand reaching to another Can eventually touch the moon, Allowing the light to guide us through the night. By Nicholas Mazza I’ve been a part of Wellness Within for 2 years. The thing I appreciate most about Wellness Within is that it offers a sense of hope. Not false […]

Breathing Space – March

By Susan Whitaker “What brings us grace is not always pleasant, though it seems always to take us to something essential in ourselves.” Stephen Levine I spent the whole day working in the yard, being in a state of relaxation. I was really happy because there were no demands on my time and no goals […]

Breathing Space

By Susan Whitaker We have entered the quiet time of year. All around us, nature is slowing down, the rains are arriving, and the long evenings call us to rest. However, the world of commerce tells us that it’s time to shop, buy, bake, and run frantically to decorate for the holidays. It’s more important […]

Yoga Within – Seated Circles & Heart Breath

By Susan Whitaker One of the best things about yoga is how practical it is. If you’re tired, it can help refresh you through deeper oxygenation and simple movements of the spine. This also helps to improve your sleep. If you’re anxious, it can calm you down through strong or repetitive motions and deep breathing. […]

Yoga Within – Sept

By Susan Whitaker “The real meaning of yoga is to discover our real condition, no matter what it is.” This is a comment from a recent conference that I attended on Yoga, Massage, and Acupuncture at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. It was incredibly rich and inspiring, based on ongoing scientific studies about how […]

Lessons From a Swim with Dolphins

I’ve just returned from Hawaii where I received the precious gift of swimming with some spinner dolphins. I always heard that dolphins are intuitive and that they allow you to be near them on their own terms. When I swam out to them, these wise, wild creatures were kind enough to let me hang out […]

Yoga May Help Cancer Patients After Treatment

Originally posted by By PAMELA MAZZEO, M.D. ABC News Medical Unit May 21, 2010 In the chemotherapy infusion room at the Staten Island University Hospital sit several cancer patients hooked up to IVs. But they aren’t leafing through magazines or staring at a talk show and worrying about their health. Instead, their right legs are lifted up in […]