Kathy Maxwell"Shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer, I found Wellness Within, a welcoming, caring and comforting haven, and the many resources offered. It's caring staff has helped me heal and transformed the way I take care of my mind and body in a positive way. The nutritional education classes given by Diane Giuliani have been an important part of the many wonderful benefits I have received. I have gained knowledge about nutritious food, delicious recipes and other related ways to stay healthy in my daily life. She is dedicated to helping us achieve wellness through healthy eating and diet. Diane has done a tremendous amount of research and makes it available to Wellness clients, so that we can spend our time concentrating on navigating our medical issues and recovering, when we are so overwhelmed. She also empowers us by showing us where to find more information, giving us confidence in making decisions about our individual needs and diet. I am so grateful for Diane's genuinely caring nature and the knowledge she shares. I would encourage others to attend her classes and to enjoy the delicious dishes and snacks she prepares for us to sample."

Kathy Maxwell

I was thoroughly impressed at the quality of this retreat. The program, the speakers, the yoga and Patti were absolutely top notch! I'm very hard to please so these words hold a lot of weight. I found the exercises that Patti led were eye opening to me and directed my inner thoughts towards positivity. The program was 4 days of concentrated, high quality, well paced meetings that achieved real results. I liked that we were away in a beautiful setting and could just concentrate our time and thoughts to self healing. It was so great to have commonality with other cancer survivors and those in current treatment. They know what it's like to have cancer and being scared and chemo and radiation suffering side effects. The program helped me identify my strengths and identify what is important in my life. And, don't waste precious time on the past which you can't change. Thank you so much for this program!

Pat Merenda

The retreat gave me the much needed "pause." It helped me reflect my journey to this point. The classes and the group support strengthened me to move forward in the right direction for myself. Being away for the weekend without the distraction allowed me to look deeper within myself. I truly appreciate everything that Wellness Within has done for me. I don't know how I could have gotten up from the hole that I was in. Thank you. I continue to climb up with baby steps.


The retreat was a time to reflect on past experiences and create a new way to go forward amongst others who had similar difficulties. I felt safe, comfortable, and cared for throughout the weekend. This was a healing experience and I am very happy that you offered this program.

Anonymous Retreat Attendee

Sandra VanlandinghamEvery class I've taken here has promoted growth and healing in me in a way I can't fully comprehend or explain.

Sandra Vanlandingham

I'm making this donation in memory of my sister who passed away in August. We attended a cooking class and I borrowed some cookbooks from the Wellness library. It was a comfort to know that Wellness Within existed to help us during a difficult time. Thank you.


I was able to participate in the silent retreat put on by Wellness Within. I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect at first but it was a wonderful experience. To be able to shut out the world for a few hours and turn my attention within was relaxing and healing. I really enjoyed walking the labyrinth. Thank you Wellness Within you are the calm in the storm thanks for all you do.

Barbara Cunningham

The silent retreat was wonderful! Such a different experience spending that time silently with everyone. Gave me a great sense of communion.


I came to the class (Silent Day Long Retreat) with no expectation. Previous classes taken from Wellness Within have helped me in dealing with the aftermath of having cancer, so I wanted to see what I could learn from this class. It has helped me to deepen listening to my own self. The silence was calming and helped me think clearly on some questions that I have been pondering about myself. I also enjoyed the yoga class. The retreat place was beautiful. I would recommend this class.


I truly enjoyed Friday’s Gala. The energy of the attendees as well as presenters was so positive and empowering that night. We sure got in our quota of laughing, too, with Jack Gallagher. This was the first time we had been in the Rocklin Event Center and thought it worked out well for housing the event.

Thanks for your vision and the wonderful lifelong learning outlet at Wellness Within you have provided for people and families dealing with cancer. For me, this has been a life-enhancing experience. Many of the immune-supporting strategies and new learning will be lifelong health habits after my chemo and radiation treatments have finished.

With gratitude and blessings,
Sharon Kirklin Schlesinger

Sharon Kirklin Schlesinger

I have had several of my patients tell me how valuable they found Wellness Within. “So comforting and comfortable from the minute you walk in the door”, “time there is such healing time”, “Gentle and welcoming at a time when I needed that”- these are just some of the great comments that I have heard! I love having a resource for patients that supports their well-being this way, and being able to tell them that your service is at no charge is wonderful. Thank you for all that you do.

Ellen Carlson RN, OCN

Since my friend's Cancer diagnosis, I feel that fear has not defeated her. I am very proud and happy for her. Also her stamina, spirit, and positive outlook by using many of the community resources offered through the Wellness Within center has sustained her both physically and mentally. I think this has allowed her to return to work in 2015 and her customary activities so quickly. Way to go and bounce back!


I found the class (Mind Body Skills) to be both powerful and beneficial. I learned so much about how to meditate and use guided imagery to my benefit. I have no quantitative proof, but I believe these activities played a role in the small reduction in the size of my tumor.


Ken IsaacThis class (Mind Body Skills) has been a life changer for me. It has allowed me to see who I am.

Ken Isaac
Elk Grove

Refreshed with spirits lifted - that's what I am - thanks to Margie & Courtney!

Courtney, you certainly put a lot of effort into the preparation of a wonderful, natural, artful day which I didn't truly comprehend until a few hours after our outing. You gave so much of yourself with the reading and handout of the meaning of Summer Solstice, teaching us three art forms and sharing your personal art supplies with us.

Margie thank you for planning the outing, my private taxi service and leading us on an outdoor adventure with your peaceful soul.

You both bring joy to my heart.


This group (Mind Body Group Skills) was an eye opening a journey into self awareness, self reliance and self improvement. It was a haven of peace for me to come while recovering from the trauma of a cancer diagnosis. It was a place to feel less afraid and alone.

Sharon, Sacramento

This program was very useful to me to understand that healing is more than just my medical team addressing a disease.

Susan, Lincoln

Betty Prestwich, CarmichaelThe Mind Body Skills Group is so much more than learning techniques to cope with the stress that comes with the cancer journey. It provides a caring community where it is safe to be vulnerable and talk about fears and losses that are difficult to share with family and friends.

Betty Prestwich, Carmichael

Using the knowledge, practical skills and valuable tools that Patti teaches has helped me feel stronger—both physically and emotionally.


Eleanor Gorospe, RosevilleI’ve always believed that the mind can help to heal the body. What I learned in the Mind Body Skills Group helped me go beyond just believing to realizing the sheer power of mindfulness and being able to practice it with success.

Eleanor Gorospe, Roseville

Learning mind-body skills on how to cope with stress and anxiety while going through treatment and being a survivor helps make you stronger.

Nancy, Orangevale

This group brought me to a place to realize I needed to become mindful of “me”. I am in a much more accepting place to allow peace in my life.

Lisa, Roseville

Participating in group changed me! I have more strength, courage and more me.


This program helped me realize how instrumental my thoughts and emotions are to my overall health and that I can actually control them to my benefit by mindful encouragement…

Gayla Barger, Roseville

Suzi Rupp, SacramentoThis course brought awareness and mindfulness front and center for all of us. And being made aware—or more mindful—of our individual thoughts and actions was a revelation. I will make this a daily practice now.

Suzi Rupp, Sacramento

Superbly facilitated by a compassionate and empathetic professional committed to helping individuals learn the skills needed to meet life's challenges.

Michael, Newcastle

Wellness Within provides invaluable services to patients, survivors and their families coping with a cancer diagnosis. I have been impressed with the results patients have experienced from participation in their programs. I have found Wellness Within's programs to compliment patient's medical treatments. I give my full endorsement to Wellness Within and am thankful for their incredible dedication and important work.

Balazs I. Bodai, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Director, Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute

This program should be a requirement for all cancer survivors. Healing your mind is just as important as healing your body.

Karen, El Dorado Hills

The class was more helpful than I ever imagined. It gave my husband and I new tools, plus reinforced others and made them more effective.

Cheryl, Folsom, CA

I gained the ability to become mindful to my emotions and quiet myself and focus inward. Meditation for me provided a great tool for helping me focus on the important and not be distracted. This tool enabled me to find my strength and utilize my God given healing resources. I am eternally grateful for all you have done for me Patti.

Joshua, Lincoln

Early on in my diagnosis of cancer, I decided to enroll myself in "Soul School" - readying myself to learn and receive education and transformation. Wellness Within classes were masterfully taught by a fellow learner and aided in my mind body and soul finding tools for healing. All is grateful grace.

Jean Ann, Citrus Heights

Definitely, as someone who thought nothing was going to help (when I started), I am amazed and grateful for how much I grew out of the sadness.

Alison, Loomis

This was an amazing and enlightening class taught by an astonishing and talented healer. She is the real deal, no phony hype, no psychobabble, no B.S., just incredible empathy and powerful tools to help us become cancer survivors & thrivers.

Chris, Fair Oaks, CA

I wish Wellness Within's MBM program had been available when I was in treatment. The group made me feel like I had found my "tribe" at last. I was able to share my own journey without fear. If anyone you love is suffering thru a cancer diagnosis and treatment, you need to suggest this wonderful program to them. It will empower and transform them in so many ways.

Lisa Morgan, Roseville

The mind body skills group gave me a handy "tool kit" of meditation, visualization and breathing techniques that helped me cope during chemo-therapy treatment and beyond. When fear , depression or racing thoughts take hold, I can use one of the tools to bring me back to my center where I can experience life in the moment, not in the "what ifs".

Lisa, Granite Bay

A life-changing experience that deeply affected me and spread to my family. Thank you!

Shannon, Orangevale

I heartily recommend this group. Patti, in her gentle and loving way, provides a safe place to explore healing on many levels. Each week I took home valuable tools that helped me deal with the stress that comes from having cancer.

Peggy, Fair Oaks

Whether you need emotional and peer support while facing a health crisis, or are interested in learning skills to help you navigate your way to restoration, I highly recommend this group. Fun, informative, and emotionally challenging (in a good way), as well as life-changing.

Denise, Lincoln

This group changed me. I learned to focus on positive, good things. I got information about so many different aspects of healing ourselves.

Terri, Citrus Heights