Expressive Arts

Be Well at Wellness Within

It’s been a bit more than a year since I began offering art therapy workshops at Wellness Within. After the busy hospital setting where I’d previously worked, the calm, serene atmosphere of Wellness Within was balm to my soul. As an art therapist, I’m passionate about using art in the service of healing. I believe […]

WholeHearted Living – Dive in!

We just concluded our yearly retreat at Wellness Within. Located just outside the Tahoe National Forest at 3500 feet, Harmony Lodge was a cozy place indeed as the rain poured down outside. Our focus was self compassion; we spent the afternoon trading stories, thoughts and memories as participants created papier-mâché “bowls of compassion.” Tears and […]

Movement as Medicine

“…expressive movement nurtures our bodies, fosters intuitive thinking and enlivens our spirit. It is the optimal prescription for health and well-being.” – Bella Dreizler For anyone who has spent an inordinate amount of time trapped in a bed or chair by an illness, you may remember that feeling of using your muscles again, that feeling […]

Cultivating Authenticity

If you haven’t had a chance to take a class with our new Art Therapy instructor, Hannah Hunter, nows your chance! Starting in January 2017, we will be offering Art Therapy Workshops once a month. The theme for this coming year’s classes is Whole Hearted Living, as was inspired by author Brene Brown’s 10 guideposts […]

Summer Camp Days Ahead

These hot June days take me back through the years to the days of summer camp. My first experience was a YWCA camp on the shores of a Michigan lake. It was all foreign to me; morning reveille, raising the flag and evenings by the campfire, singing songs whose words even now come to mind. […]

Empowerment Drumming

It is not surprising that drumming, one of the oldest healing rituals is now receiving heightened interest as a complementary therapeutic strategy in the conventional medical arena. We define “EMPOWERMENT DRUMMING” as a comprehensive whole-person, evidence-based therapeutic approach based on an emerging discipline we call, “RHYTHMACOLOGY.” This approach is recommended as a complementary strategy that […]

Music & Motion

Ready? Set. Dance! My heart speeds up whenever I hear music. Whether it’s a popular song on the radio, an acoustic guitar player at a café, or the raucous made-up songs my husband belts our while cooking dinner…the beat, the rhythms, and the melodies instantly makes my heart lighten up and my soul come alive! […]

Word Play: Try it “Write” Now!

For over two years now I have facilitated one of the mind- body healing programs offered here at Wellness Within,”Expressive Writing for Healing”. The program has a dedicated core of fervent believers like me and Executive Director Patti Brown but, we are puzzled by the inconsistent attendance for these sessions. Is it because the group […]

Join the Post-It Project

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way in their life…and almost everyone has touched a post-it note at some point (if not everyday) in their life. We are creating a wall of art from around the world — made by you!! — as a memorial, testimony, and of hopes and courage to all […]

Summer Season

It is another event of seasons. Wellness Within celebrates the change of season and the power of community , family, and friendship. We invite you to gather at the edge of our Lake Folsom and join hands to thank the powers for our life, our breath, and our hope. A hike, a group art piece, […]