Spring it up with Asparagus

Spring offers such a splendid visual palette of color and texture that I can’t help but feel joy! Flowers are blooming everywhere I turn. Fresh and vibrantly green leaves emerge on trees and shrubs. My lawn grows so fast it almost needs mowing twice a week. Weeds pop up all the places I’d rather not […]

Lentils: Nutrition-Packed and Fiber-Rich

By Diane Giuliani Even though spring is fast approaching, we’ll surely see a few more cold damp days through March and April. When one of those days hits, I often fall back on one of my favorite super simple dinners that I can throw together in no time – Lentil Soup, or Stewoup as I […]

Chocolate Gets a Thumbs Up!

By Diane Giuliani, CHHC Late last year my youngest son was participating in a See’s Candy fundraiser for his high school Chamber Choir. I spent several weeks looking at a color slick photo sheet on my kitchen counter of a variety of chocolate confections that See’s has earned great notoriety for. We all know what […]

Morning Delights – Clove Granola

  Getting bored with the same breakfast?  Spice up your morning with warming spices and a variety of grains.  It’s important to vary your foods so as not to develop an allergy to a specific food and to insure a wide range of nutrients so that you are consuming the ones needed for your particular […]

Get Your Crucifers On!!

By Diane Giuliani, HHC You’ve most likely been eating your crucifers since you were a child and didn’t even know it! Cruciferous vegetables, a botanical family with the Latin name of Cruciferae or Brassicaceae, include many shapes, colors and sizes of vegetables. It’s only when these plants go to seed and flower that you see […]

“Let it Grow, let it grow, let it grow”….

By Margie McCavitt One of the most exciting things about the New Year is deciding what crops to grow.   Annual seed catalogs start arriving around the middle of December-it’s a total psych up!  The catalogs offer over 1000 varieties of unique vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Flipping through the pages makes me feel the same way […]

Healthy Strategies for Holiday Parties

By Diane Giuliani, HHC This time of year, as our friends and family host holiday parties, we’re tempted to indulge in foods and snacks that we might not normally consume. Even though we know this, we frequently attend these parties with a mindset of “Oh it’s the holidays so I’m going to treat myself and […]

Lovin’ Fall and Winter Squash

By Diane Giuliani I love autumn!! Every day I delight in Mother Nature’s brilliant display of fall colors on the trees. I relish the last of the divinely warm daytime temperatures, but can hardly wait for the nippy air temps at night. Pumpkins are everywhere you turn. Some paid their last tribute as creatively carved Jack-o-lanterns, […]

Think Green – Drink Green

Once again I put my body through the rigors of another science experiment. For the past month I decided to incorporate a green smoothie or green juice at least once and sometimes twice a day. It seemed that everywhere I turned someone was touting the benefits of GREEN drinks……. and I don’t mean the celebratory effervescent Green drink […]