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We appreciate all stories and experiences you share with us. Below are a few guidelines to reference when submitting a blog or personal story to Wellness Within.


Blog Editorial Guidelines


1. Our blog’s mission – Any blog or article contributed to Wellness Within needs to convey wellness in the presence of cancer and support our mission to enhance the quality of life of patients, survivors, caregivers and families afflicted with the trauma of cancer by providing accessible support services and education.


2. Audience –Our audience who will read these articles and blogs are the cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and families mentioned above. They are affected by the trauma and stress of cancer and want to read inspiring, heartfelt, meaningful blog posts and stories.


3. Topic –Commonly blog topics relate to dealing with cancer through mind, body and spirit. Our classes include meditation, mindfulness, expressive arts, yoga, tai chi, qigong, nutrition and cooking, but that we are open to new topics that relate to wellness in the presence of cancer.


4. Reposting, Linking and Photo Policy – Please discuss with a Wellness Within staff member before reposting on a separate web site or blog. For all photos Wellness Within needs to have rights to use a photo before posting, we have access to many photos and can assist with finding something that will work for your post.


5. Formatting – There are not strict guidelines for formatting. We do ask that you try and tell a story and remember to be heartfelt and meaningful. This is not just a space for advertising you or a class/product. This is an opportunity to tell a story and connect to our mission and our clients who are dealing with the stress and trauma of cancer.


6. Edits – We must review all blog posts and make final edits. If there are numerous edits needed, we will send back for you to make corrections and then re-submit.


7. Sources - If you use a statistic or a case study in your blog, please include a link to the source. If you claim something is healthy about a food or recipe, tell us how you know this to be true. Use links to the science based reviews or journals and credible news outlets.


8. Deadline – The blogs are sent out in a monthly newsletter that goes out the second Tuesday of the month. We need all blog content no later than 12pm on the Friday before the newsletter get sent.

What’s Next? Moving Forward After A Scary Diagnosis

By Terri Wolf, RN, MS “What happens to a dream deferred?” -Langston Hughes For years I had dreamed and plotted on how I could change careers from my job in marketing and public relations to nursing. I finally made the transition to nursing school but a busy family life and my fears about performance had […]

A Caring Touch

  My name is Jannifer York, I’m the owner and aesthetician of Caring Touch Aesthetics in downtown Roseville. I became a licensed aesthetician in 2013 after working for the same corporation for 19 years.  I wanted a career which allows me to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Helping […]

A Holding Space

A cacophony of sounds erupted as I entered the store. My attention turned to one sound in particular, a screaming child pleading with his mother to hold him. “Mommy p l e a s e pick me up, hold me mommy…… please hold me.” I was struck by the intensity of this toddler’s imploring. Tears […]

A Bump in the Road

In October, 2014, I was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening pancreatic tumor.  Like a grain of sand in the oyster, I believe the tumor grew out of my work experiences. The pancreas relates to the sweetness of life. During the last few years of my corporate career, the sweetness had all but disappeared. The Universe intervened, and […]

How They Found Their Hill

  We live in an area where there is a rich abundance of freshly grown food. When we met Shanon and Michael last year at the Auburn Farmers market, we were so inspired and excited by the work they do, that we wanted to share their story (and faces :-)) with you. They, like many […]

Time for Change

Earlier this year we held our annual overnight retreat. We were awed and touched by the heartfelt and moving sharing that came out of the Expressive Writing session. Below is a piece that one of the participants gave us permission to share with you all: Now is the time for change Accept change and be […]

Letting Go

Letting go of the perfect image of what life should be. Letting go of everyone’s expectation of me. Letting go of what was and embrace the what is. Letting go of the perfection I expect myself in everything I do. Letting go is the hardest to learn, but it allowed me to find the “real” […]

The Presence of Absence

For many folks, December means peppermint treats, Christmas carols, lights, presents, family and fun. For me this is all still true, but in December I also spend a lot of time thinking about my Dad. I think about the years growing up when he would videotape us opening our presents and ask us what we […]

Kristen’s Testimonial

If you were to ask me what the best day of my life was, the answer would be easy. There are two: December 18, 2009 and February 4, 2012. These were the days that my children were born. I think that most parents would answer this question the same way. However, if years from now […]

Summer Camp Days Ahead

These hot June days take me back through the years to the days of summer camp. My first experience was a YWCA camp on the shores of a Michigan lake. It was all foreign to me; morning reveille, raising the flag and evenings by the campfire, singing songs whose words even now come to mind. […]